The Status of ACTS Community Resource Center

It is with a heavy heart that the board members of Broken But Beautiful Ministries, Inc. d/b/a ACTS Community Resource Center has decided that ACTS is no longer in operation due to the recent event of the fire. We leased the site and we will not be rebuilding on that site. With this being said we can not take donations of clothes, household items or support intended for the ACTS Center. Please be aware of fraudulent donation sites collecting on our behalf as we are not taking donations at this time. We still are a functional ministry that operates under Broken But Beautiful Ministries, Inc. in which we hold our 501(c)(3) under and we intend to still share God's Word and love to the community as He directs us. If any monetary donations are received they will go toward BBB Ministries and used for the furtherance of the Gospel as God deems us. If you have donated funds as of 12/04/2019 that were intended for use of rebuilding you may request a refund and we will gladly return them. We do know that God has a plan for all this and He will unveil it as time goes by. While we are in this transition and "down time" please stay tuned to our website for future updates and plans. Many people are asking, what about the homeless? We value the relationships that we have made with thousands of "broken but beautiful" people over the years and those currently that we have been working with. We thank all of them for their love and devotion as many have helped each day to make ACTS what is was. We were all family and even though some days were really tough we still can put our arms around them at the end of the day and say I love you. Words that many never hear. I know that God is not leaving them out of His plan and we all just have to keep praying for clarity, wisdom and direction. Many of you may have questions, please feel free to contact us and we will try to answer them as quickly as possible. P.S. Momma kitty made it out of the fire and is now relocated safely at our home!