Holiday Dinner Needs List

Holiday Dinner Needs List

Items needed for Thanksgiving Meal

The items that need to be purchased at SAM's Club or Costco I will mark with an *

If you have any questions about items needed please call Julie at 727-808-8313, I will be happy to assist you.

Ham (preferrably spiral cut)

Styrofoam bowls, plates

Plastic silver ware (no knives as we have alot of those already)



Large Cans of Sweet Potatoes

Large Cans of Green Beans

*Full size & Half sizes aluminum pans with lids (disposable steam pans)


*Plastic disposable food service gloves

*9" 3-compartment to-go containers

* small to-go containers for dessert

Stick Butter




Preparted Side Dishes

Bottled Water

Stuffing Mix

Cranberry Sauce

Gallon Ziplock Bags

Large Black Garbage Bags 

*Salt/Pepper Packets

*Idahoan Real Mashed Potato Flakes (3.24 lbs) Box


French Fried Onions

Cream of Mushroom Soup (preferably large cans)

Financial donations are always accepted as these will help to cover unforeseen expenses.